The Kaikoura township of less than 3,000 persons is home to an eclectic population of fishermen, farmers, surfers, artists, craftspeople tour guides and accommodation hosts.  Because we are so dependent on the land and ocean for our livelihoods, the community is dedicated to sustainability.  As a result, Kaikoura became the first community in New Zealand and the second in the world to achieve Green Globe Benchmark status, the world’s only global tourism environmental certification.

Though small, the town offers visitors a number of cultural, outdoor and culinary options. Within the Kaikoura district there is bird-watching, hiking, mountain biking, golf, horseback riding, and, not to be missed, what we think is the best Maori cultural tour available. Because of its rich sea life and its land’s fertility the Kaikoura district has supported Maori and European settlement for over 900 years. Indeed the area in which the Lodge is located was designated on the first European maps of the district as “ Kai Whare”, the Maori term for “house of food”. Today that history provides the setting for one of the South Island’s best Maori cultural tours.