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We have been approached by blogger Misha Gillingham from Wildluxe travel blog. She is offering an exchange: 3 nights for a video and photo feature on her blog and social medias. She is coming to NZ Nov 17 - Dec 1, 2017. Her Media kit.

Dear Benedicte, Thank you for your enquiry.
We enjoyed hosting Misha – she produced beautiful social media content when she stayed with us and she promoted one of our quieter lodges where we needed some extra support.  I wouldn’t say that the content went far and wide and it’s hard to tell about direct bookings from a social media influencer stay – but it was worth the three nights that we gave for the particular purpose that we needed. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Janalyn from Singita.

Hi Benedicte, Hillary from WildWeb here.
WildWeb is a web development and digital marketing company based in Durban, South Africa with a collection of quality clients in the travel and tourism industry. I’m getting in touch with you because I helped arrange Misha from Wildluxe to stay at Tongabezi Lodge.
I can highly recommend Misha to visit your property. She was very professional to work with and went above and beyond the influencer partnership agreement. She shared over 10 instagram posts which totalled over 54,478 likes, 944 comments, and 12,851 video views. She created a detailed blog post with a nice video to accompany it and shared this on Instagram and Facebook as well.
Her work directed over 55 visits to the Tongabezi website with a low bounce rate of about 35%. We can see that 1 enquiry resulted from her stay but no confirmed bookings as of yet. Keep in mind that these partnerships are part of a long term strategy and play an important brand awareness job. A big part of it is capturing potential travellers’ attention during the “inspiration phase” and I can most definitely say her work achieved this. Warmest Regards, Hillary from WildWeb.

Misha is exceptional! One of the best we have had :). She will help your digital greatly. Good luck. James McBride from Nihiwatu

We have created a profile on a kid friendly vacation destinations. We still need to enter a few details to be able to get live. 

Social Media

I use an online platform called Hootsuite to manage all the different Social Media accounts.
Hootsuite: / H@pukuL%dge

New Account:

Tracking clicks

I am using an online application called I can track the clicks coming posts from the social medias. This month I was able to track the clicks to the link I posted to the Winter Packages.

Bitly: benedictelassalle / H@pukuL%dge71

Search Engine Optimization

I looked for an online application to help us with the SEO: I found SE Ranking. $50 per year. I am considering using this tool.

  • List of keywords

    • Hotel
    • Accommodation
    • Lodge
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    • Boutique
    • Resort
    • Tree house
    • Contemporary
    • Luxury
    • Luxurious
    • Unique
    • Romantic
    • Exclusive
    • Kaikoura
    • Canterbury
    • South Island
    • New Zealand
    • NZ

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  • Mailchimp: Send first newsletter to agencies

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  • Opening new account: Youtube

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  • End of free transfer
  • Fall is coming
  • Deer Antlers season

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  • Create a tag line (Experience life on a limb?)
  • Activities PDFs
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  • Need more websites pointing to us

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  • Look at what competition is doing


  • Look for potential bloggers to invite

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  • Investigate if Booking Button has metrics
  • Investigate how to measure conversions
  • Investigate a way to show you the metrics (better than screen grabs)

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  • We should be working towards getting more press coverage since it brings us so much traffic. Thoughts?

Website metrics

MARCH 2017

The main info in March is the article in National Geographic.

The bounce rate is the % of visitors coming to the site and leaving right away. It was down from last month (from 39% to 24%).
The bounce rate is higher for the traffic coming from the Social Medias (38%).

The Exit pages in March are mainly the Homepage and the Packages page. I will investigate that further next month.

Metrics from

The Hapuku page has received 6117 pageviews (as a comparaison gets 208,133 page views for the same period) over the last 365 days. 

Anecdotally, Hapuku is usually in the top 5 or 10 lodges by pageview because it usually appears high in the list of landing pages. Hapuku is currently in the top 10 landing pages for the site as well, meaning either there with 1007 sessions including 436 from within NZ starting on the Hapuku page.