The area in which the Lodge is located was designated on the first European maps of the district as “Kai Whare”, the Maori term for “house of food”. Today the dining room at the Lodge, with its relaxed and warm atmosphere, is at the heart of the Hapuku Lodge experience. 

Here you can watch the food being prepared and chat with our chefs, including the Lodge’s Executive Chef, Fiona Read, as they prepare your meal. You will realize during your stay that we and particularly Fiona have a passion for food - for the producing of it, for the preparation and cooking of it and for presenting it. Fiona manages all matters relating to the food we serve, from the Lodge’s gardens, in which we grow a good deal of the vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen, our free range chickens, the gathering of provisions from local gardeners and producers, sourcing the best meat and fish either directly from the farm or fisherman, the running of the kitchen, the creation of the daily menu and the service. Which is why our guests are prone to say that we have some of the best food in the country. Eating with us will, we believe, enhance and deepen your appreciation of what New Zealand has to offer.