At Hapuku Lodge we love to provide exquisite meals and memorable culinary experiences for our guests. Our menus focus on available local foods and seasonality. All the food served in our dining room is prepared in the Lodge’s kitchen, including our breads, stocks, ice cream, jams, jellies, and even the peanut butter. Our Executive Chef, Fiona, modifies the dinner and breakfast menus daily to take full advantage of the season and assure that the freshest game and seafood available that day is on the plate. 

Each evening we serve a full three-course meal, with three choices per course. Each morning guests are treated to a generous continental breakfast buffet and cooked breakfast menu. Dinner and breakfast is included in the rate for guests staying overnight with us.

Visitors to Kaikoura and local residents are welcome in our dining room. The ever changing three-course menu is $100 per person (+$50 for crayfish). If you are not staying on the property but wish to dine with us please make a reservation. We will be more than happy to accommodate you.


V-Vegetarian, GF-Gluten Free, DF- Dairy Free


We offer a select menu of New Zealand wines, sourced primarily from small individually owned wineries. The wines of New Zealand are often favorably compared to the wines of the “old world”. We encourage our guests to explore our selection and judge for themselves.

WONDERFUL DINING - I recently had the fortune to dine at Hapuku Lodge. This lodge comes with great reviews and so I looked forward to dining there as a treat. My friend and I were not disappointed. From the minute we arrived we were greeted and ushered to our table and pampered for the ensuing 3 hours. The restaurant provided us with an unrivaled variety of treats created by chef Fiona. The food was sumptuous with taste buds on the move all the time. The wine selection was great (local wines) and was so pleased to taste their cheese board which included the local Kaikoura cheeses. Service, dinner and beautiful surroundings were outstanding.
— Herc - Kaikoura, NZ (Oct. 2016)