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Tourism NZ media coverageThese articles are the ones Tourism NZ have paid for directly:
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Media plan for 2017-18

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  • 38 opt-in subscriptions to the newsletter on MailChimp - + 9 subscriptions

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Competitive Intelligence

Chateau de Surreau : Home page

Received 2 enquiries from them this month

Appeared on their Facebook page in September, next is to be featured on their instagram feed.

Social Media

I use an online platform called Hootsuite to manage all the different Social Media accounts.
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Review: Worth the effort

Hapuku Lodge is still a tad remote as a result of the earthquake in 2016 but the 8 hour drive from Picton was worth it. The setting is sublime with the coast just to the East and the snow capped mountains to the West. We stayed in a Treehouse which was pretty much perfect in every regard. The real revelation was the food which was simply outstanding. The service from Mike was understated but he was always there when you needed him (a real skill in itself). Sitting in the treehouse reading beside your own fire and glancing up now and then to watch the deer in the field below or gaze at the snow topped mountains is one of life’s real pleasures. Make the effort to stay at this hidden gem.

Tracking clicks

I am using an online application called I can track the clicks coming posts from the social medias. This month I was able to track the clicks to the link I posted to the the blog post.

Bitly: benedictelassalle / H@pukuL%dge71

Search Engine Optimization

  • Google My Business : confirmed business with Google. We are now able to control the pictures, opening times, etc that appear on google when you do a search
  • Google Search Console: subscription to the free service to improve the google search

We should consider to do some google and Facebook ads.

Customer satisfaction survey

Created a questionnaire on Elegant Survey.

PW: H@pukuL%dge

Actions for next month

Website Updates

  • Agencies private page

Tourism NZ

  • List “deals” on Hapuku Web page


  • Build Agencies database (Unique Stays? + Contacts from Chris)
  • Mailchimp: Send first newsletter to agencies

Social Media

  • Opening new account: Investigate potential chinese social medias
  • Install Facebook pixel

Blog posts

  • Post one news a month

Marketing Materials

  • Get validation for all marketing materials

Search Engine Optimization

  • Improve our SEO
  • Google + Facebook Ads

Competitive Intelligence

  • Look at what competition is doing

Website metrics

  • Investigate how to measure conversions

Press Relations

  • We should be working towards getting more press coverage since it brings us so much traffic. Thoughts?

Website metrics

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September 2017

First metrics are comparing to the same period last year. We are still behind by almost than -27% sessions.
The second metrics are comping to the same period last month. It show that we are down by -6% sessions. 

The decrease compared to last month seems to be due to a lack of a major press articles referring us new potential customers.