Unbelievable experience with the baby seal pups

Autumn also signals the time where the Kekeno (local baby Seal pups) head up to their natural nursery up the Ohau Stream under the waterfall.

The world famous Ohau Stream seal pup nursery is just 10 minutes drive north of Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses.

The baby fur seas are born in November each year and by April/May they are old enough to travel up the Ohau fresh water stream to a waterfall, where they remain for several days while their mothers are out at sea on foraging trips.  This incredible experience only takes place between April and September. This makes the timing perfect time to come & visit.

During their time at the base of the waterfall, the pups develop social, swimming and foraging skills.  They will often be seen playing with sticks and leaves in the water, chasing each other and generally being cute and curious.

Look at the short video we made of those pups at the Ohau Stream.