News from the farm…

A few weeks ago, an abandoned baby deer was rescued by Alastair, our farm manager. Alastair and his grandchildren are now raising the fawn on a bottle, as a result she has become very friendly toward humans.




The grandchildren have named her Rosie. When Rosie gets a little older, we will find her a home paddock near the Lodge so guests can visit with Rosie.

Kaikoura Earthquake - Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses to reopen on 1 December 2016

An official update for you from Tony, Chris, Fiona and the Team at Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses.

At a little after midnight on the 14th November the Kaikoura area experienced a severe earthquake. All guests and staff of Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses, located just north of Kaikoura, are safe and well.  Our buildings are designed to a high specification and suffered no structural damage – New Zealand’s building codes are among the world’s best.

Thank you to all the support we have received from the tourism industry, our partners and suppliers. 

Key Information for Partners & Guests

  • Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses is planning to host guests on 1 December 2016 pending establishment of transport links and electrical supply

  • No cancellation fees will be applied for any bookings effective 14th November until 15 December 2016

  • The latest information to hand, it is anticipated that a road route via Waipara and Culverden will be available in the next few days and over the coming week – we will update you on developments 

  • We are developing alternative transport options including subsidised helicopters and small plane transfers for access to Hapuku Lodge

  • Many of our tourism activity partners will be up and running soon too so we will keep you informed about activities for guests during their stay – new activities and experiences are already in development 

Please note that media reports both domestic and international are not always factual and may not represent the reality of what is occurring on the ground.  Kaikoura whilst hit hard is already recovering and business operators are positive about the year ahead.

Kaikoura remains one of the world’s top marine destinations and needs your support over the coming months to ensure we can share our beautiful destination.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress.

In the meantime please use Kerryn Ralston as the contact for all bookings etc.