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News from the farm…

A few weeks ago, an abandoned baby deer was rescued by Alastair, our farm manager. Alastair and his grandchildren are now raising the fawn on a bottle, as a result she has become very friendly toward humans.




The grandchildren have named her Rosie. When Rosie gets a little older, we will find her a home paddock near the Lodge so guests can visit with Rosie.

Lonely Planet ranks Kaikoura in world top 500 food experiences

Visit the New Zealand coast where the crayfish is so good they named a town after it.


On the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, about two hours’ drive north of Christchurch, is the picturesquely situated town of Kaikoura. Famous for the abundance of marine life present offshore, with sperm whales, dolphins and seals often spotted close to land, the town’s name derives from the Maori words ‘Kai’, meaning food, and ‘Koura’, meaning crayfish.

Quotas on the number of crayfish being caught in this region have been put in place to protect the marine life here and promote sustainable practices.  © Lonely Planet

Here at The Lodge, Chef Fiona Read serves the Kaikoura crayfish Whole and Grilled with a Chili, Horseradish & Lime Butter.

© Jessica Ward

© Jessica Ward