Kaikoura Earthquake - Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses to reopen on 1 December 2016

An official update for you from Tony, Chris, Fiona and the Team at Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses.

At a little after midnight on the 14th November the Kaikoura area experienced a severe earthquake. All guests and staff of Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses, located just north of Kaikoura, are safe and well.  Our buildings are designed to a high specification and suffered no structural damage – New Zealand’s building codes are among the world’s best.

Thank you to all the support we have received from the tourism industry, our partners and suppliers. 

Key Information for Partners & Guests

  • Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses is planning to host guests on 1 December 2016 pending establishment of transport links and electrical supply

  • No cancellation fees will be applied for any bookings effective 14th November until 15 December 2016

  • The latest information to hand, it is anticipated that a road route via Waipara and Culverden will be available in the next few days and over the coming week – we will update you on developments 

  • We are developing alternative transport options including subsidised helicopters and small plane transfers for access to Hapuku Lodge

  • Many of our tourism activity partners will be up and running soon too so we will keep you informed about activities for guests during their stay – new activities and experiences are already in development 

Please note that media reports both domestic and international are not always factual and may not represent the reality of what is occurring on the ground.  Kaikoura whilst hit hard is already recovering and business operators are positive about the year ahead.

Kaikoura remains one of the world’s top marine destinations and needs your support over the coming months to ensure we can share our beautiful destination.

We will continue to keep you informed of progress.

In the meantime please use Kerryn Ralston as the contact for all bookings etc.

Earthquake in Kaikoura

Kaikoura experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on November 14, 2016. All staff and guests at Hapuku Lodge are safe and well. Most of the communications are down. For guests intending on coming to Hapuku Lodge in the next few days please contact your travel agent to arrange alternative accommodation. The property is not badly damaged and we will be up and running very soon.

Spring is in the air

As the season begins to change, the days get longer and the first spring bulbs start to flourish, we wake up to the warmth of the new season filtering in through open windows.

Spring also signals the time where Kaikoura comes fully to life with the local festivals and return of the Huttons Shearwater birds that perch in the Kaikoura mountains. They spend their time in the mountains which is only a short flight to the waters edge where the Hutton's shearwaters can exploit this marine supermarket regularly.

Fiona our Executive Chef considers Spring her best season as all the fresh produce that starts to appear in the garden and our continuing supply of local Kaikoura seafood. 

Why not getaway for a weekend at Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses with our Celebration Package which includes two nights in a tree house, dinner both evenings, bottle of French champagne on arrival, a picnic basket to explore the surrounding area & complimentary minibar. All for the price of $2870.

Call one of our team today on 03 319 6559 to book your Hapuku Escape
Please note: Direct bookings only.  Prices include GST. 

Unbelievable experience with the baby seal pups

Autumn also signals the time where the Kekeno (local baby Seal pups) head up to their natural nursery up the Ohau Stream under the waterfall.

The world famous Ohau Stream seal pup nursery is just 10 minutes drive north of Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses.

The baby fur seas are born in November each year and by April/May they are old enough to travel up the Ohau fresh water stream to a waterfall, where they remain for several days while their mothers are out at sea on foraging trips.  This incredible experience only takes place between April and September. This makes the timing perfect time to come & visit.

During their time at the base of the waterfall, the pups develop social, swimming and foraging skills.  They will often be seen playing with sticks and leaves in the water, chasing each other and generally being cute and curious.

Look at the short video we made of those pups at the Ohau Stream.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Kaikoura

After such a wonderful warm summer it is quite welcoming to see the leaves turn a warming color of Auburn and fall to the ground.

Autumn at Hapuku is such an enjoyable time of the year, as the temperature drops fires are lit in the evening, the air is sweet with the smell of burning manuka and the unmistaken sound of the Stags can be heard as they begin to roar heading into the mating season. This is certainly the sound of Autmun with the first light dusting of snow on the mountains and sound of the wind as it whips over the mountains as they come to life.

Kids can stay for free during May & June at Hapuku Lodge to visit the local seal pups.

A family night stay at Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses includes a two story Family Tree House including a three course dinner, a full Hapuku breakfast, complimentary minibar & treats for the kids. All for the price of $1171 including GST.

Hapuku Family Escape - where kids stay for free - $1171 incl GST