John - USA

"Just spectacular! The views are amazing. The treehouse experience is so unique. The food was amazing as well. Our dinner expectations exceeded greatly! The best food I have had in New Zealand! The breakfast was delicious!" — John - USA

Shery - USA

"We loved every seconds of our stay here. The service was outstanding and very friendly. The food was unbelievable! We enjoyed everything! The food, the accommodation, the views, the people and the facilities. We appreciated the big selection of food and also accommodating to our preferences. Everything is very fresh and also we love how you grow your own food! We will be back again!" — Shery - USA.

Natalie - UK

"From the moment we arrived everything was perfect. We enjoyed relaxing by the pool, soaking in the view, then a leisurely bubble bath before a fabulous dinner. All the little touches made our stay a very memorable experience. We will hopefully be back soon! The one thing we did not enjoy is that we weren’t able to stay another night! Dinner and breakfast were the best we’ve had in NZ. Everything was delicious." — Natalie - UK

Javier - UK

"We love it here… that is why we keep coming back. The food is superb and the views are divine. Every bit of staying here is special. Dinner was the way we remember it. Amazing. Consistency is definitely there, quality and preparation were sublime. Breakfast was top notch. Would we recommend Hapuku Lodge? Most definitely… we always do!" — Javier - UK

Bénédicte - France

Everything blends in perfect harmony with nature and relaxation - Sublime! The incorporation of natural elements with absolute perfect attention to detail for guests - that is what makes this a remarquable experience. All exceeded our expectations - food, environs, beauty, artfulness presentation - magnifique! We would absolutely recommend Hapuku Lodge - a highlight of my journey to New Zealand or the South Pacific in general. I only wish I had the adequate words to deserve such a artful experience - Superbe! — Bénédicte - France

Sharon - USA

We liked the serenity and also the dramatic scenery. We had one of the best night’s sleep ever! I have to say two things were exceptional: the staff and the beds. We had such a great sleep. Dinners were great, I liked to portion size and the flavors were divine. Also, liked the idea that most food was local. The breakfast exceeded our expectations. Loved the handmade muesli. — Sharon - USA

Alan & Margaret - NZ

We enjoyed our stay immensely. We think that you have fabulous staff and a marvelous setting. A credit to everyone involved in this venue. It was fantastic to recharge and relax. A great way to showcase this part of NZ. The one thing we enjoyed the most was the Tree House experience, especially the view from the shower! The rooms are all decorated with amazing detail and flair. The wood work and furniture are art pieces in themselves. More kiwis should be encouraged to come and stay here - we should all be proud. — Alan & Margaret - NZ