While there are many things to do in the wider Kaikoura district, at the Lodge and within its environs there is plenty to do if a guest is so inclined.

One can try one’s skill at country and mountain biking with the Lodge's mountain bikes (and helmets). A variety of walks can be taken from the Lodge, from short to long, beach to bush, with a picnic basket if desired, including a botanical tour of the local native bush. An ocean fishing trip can be arranged, which can include the opportunity to catch a crayfish. Or take a short drive up the highway any time from December through May to experience the wondrous sight of baby seals frolicking in the Oahu waterfall.

Or there is:

  • Swim in the ocean or sit by the Pool/Sauna
  • Have a massage
  • Take a picnic excursion
  • Or just sit by the fire with a glass of wine
  • Explore the local Hapuku trails on a Mountain bike
  • Help pick olives (May-June)
  • Watch the harvesting of antlers from the farm’s stags
  • Learn to surf at famed Mangamaunu surf break