Kaikoura’s coastal waters’ with their rich and abundant food supply provide a perfect habitat for marine mammals and seabirds. As a consequence, the Kaikoura coast is an ideal place to undertake a marine safari.

Kaikoura is home to a permanent population of bachelor sperm whales, which can be visited just a few kilometers offshore. Dolphins and seals are a permanent presence, as is the giant albatross, the largest sea bird in the world, and many smaller ocean bird species. In fact, to swim with Kaikoura’s dusky dolphins or fur seals is, in our opinion, one of the most enthralling experiences one can have anywhere. There are a number of boat tours available to place the visitor into close contact with an astounding variety of mammals and birds. If being on the water is unappealing, there are aerial viewing tours available by plane or helicopter from the Lodge, in town or at the local airport;  these small aircraft provide close views from the sky of all of Kaikoura’s marine activity.